Transfer Pricing Design

Transfer Pricing Services (TPS) was set up in Romania in 2009 and has become one of the leading CEE independent advisory company, being recognised for it’s innovative solutions for effective management of risks and disputes in transfer pricing matters. TPS main objective is to assist its clients in managing the transfer pricing risk in their business operations by providing high quality transfer pricing advice and assistance in an efficient, flexible, dynamic and cost conscious manner.

I have worked for various projects like: Team Brochure, TPS Express brochure, Indices about Transfer Pricing in 2015,Statioska Analysis,TPS Market and IT’s Analysis 2015, a short video about TAX WAR and one advertorial for M&A Today.

Client: Transfer Pricing Services
Date: 2015
Services: Design, Art Direction, Branding

TAX War Video

TPS Market and IT’s Analysis 2015

Team Brochure

M&A Today advertorial

Indices about Transfer Pricing in 2015

Statioska Analysis

TPS Express Brochure

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