Laurus Medical

In Romania, Laurus Medical chain of clinics has 10 branches nationwide and is the leader in Proctology, Phlebology and Dermatology. LaurusMedical is different from the rest of private medical clinics using the latest equipment, applying methods of treatment that do not involve surgery, hospitalization, medical leave or bed rest.
I made a rebranding and here you can see the full version of flyer rebranding:
– Laurus flyer discount
– Laurus Trifold Cardio-Uro-Endo-MedInt-Ped-Nutritie
– Laurus Trifold Dermato-Cosmetica
– Laurus Trifold Flebologie UGFS
– Laurus Trifold Patient Guide
– Laurus Trifold Laurus Cure-Ex
– Laurus Trifold MBST
– Laurus Trifold Proctologie+Gastro

Client: Laurus Medical
Date: 2013
Services: Branding, Publishing

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